E-Commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart are well known to everyone but do you know that anyone selling any product can benefit a great deal by developing their own e-commerce website?

In this article we are going to explain why having your own e-commerce is beneficial for your business and brand. We at, Tech4Planet have helped many businesses take their business online by developing an e-commerce website and helping them run their entire business online.

Below are the 9 reasons why you should consider making your own e-commerce website.

1. Lower set-up and running costs than an offline business: The cost of actually setting up a website for e-commerce is lower than for an offline business. The complete sales system of your business is automated online. Therefore, you can save on workers, salaries, and other business costs, which are typically expenses such as power, rental, and heating expenses. You can then use the money you have saved to further grow your e-commerce website and product range.

2. Online Store Owner vs The Marketplace: Online shopping is more convenient and comfortable as compared to window shopping. You just need a working computer, an internet connection, and some money. Even your product gets delivered in a few days — often free of charge.

Fewer labor expenses are also involved with an online shop. While an office shop requires lots of human resources to be employed to manage various aspects of the business, an online store typically relies on considerably less staff. Much of the operations like payment, billing/invoicing, delivery, reports, etc are managed by the website itself.

Access to a global audience is one of the advantages of selling online. Online marketplace traffic doesn’t suggest that YOUR BRAND can see any of that traffic.

A huge benefit of being online is that you build and execute your promotions however you want, making them as exclusive as possible while reaching thousands of prospective customers (even millions).

3. Widen the customer network: Online sale means considering the world as your audience. The world is your market, and the chances of your shop, its goods or services being noticeable are therefore extremely high. Unlike every other selling model, with the online selling market’s never-ending growth prospects, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to sell their products and services online.

4. Sell 24/7: Shop 24 hours a day. You don’t have to worry about customers not shopping due to it being too late in the evening, or before the opening times. The products they choose can be ordered online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. Your Ecommerce Site, Your Brand, Your Rules: Branding holds a significant place in the success of an e-commerce business. A brand strategy will help any online store and that is one of the greatest benefits of having an independent e-commerce platform. For this, you will need an independent e-commerce store. If you are planning to sell online through prominent online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc, you may not be able to enjoy the benefit of selling online.

The online store owner rarely gets mentioned creating a disconnect between you and the customer, which can lead to a weak brand identity. Being able to customize the branding of your store is a major asset to your business.

Branding might seem small but most consumers are purchasing and researching what to buy online. It’s important to monitor the way your brand is portrayed.

6. Cut Out the Middleman with an Ecommerce Site: While dealing with marketplace stores, you would have to pay multiple fees for listing, final sale, seller rights, warehousing, and transactional costs. All this adds up. The low cost of starting and running your e-commerce site is one of the advantages of selling online. Nobody claims that you won’t have costs, but when dealing with big stores you are mostly a commodity, not a priority.

At the end of the day, the dynamics of online marketplaces can also make it difficult to grasp your margins and your true benefit. You can end up paying more than you earn if you sell products without a complete understanding of obscure fees.

7. Offer convenient payment methods: It is more convenient and effective to accept payments electronically than other forms of payment. It is simple and quicker to move funds using online methods than conventional methods of bank exchange. The methods of general fund transfer are typically more time-consuming and complex. The online payment methods allow your customers to pay money without the need to go to an ATM or a bank to do the transaction from anywhere around the world.

8. Benefits of Selling Online? Return Customers: One of the advantages of online purchases for standalone e-commerce sites is the collection of customer email addresses. Marketplace platforms offers you little to no access to this essential data. Why is this information so important?

This data allows you to build return clients. With targeted mailing lists, you can send customized emails to your customers, create offers that carry them back to your e-commerce platform, and create automations that drive interested clients into your sales funnel. As you promote your company, this information is also valuable. The more you understand your best clients, the better your ads would be for attracting new customers.

9. Customer’s Loyalty: In marketplace stores, the absence of consumer loyalty makes it hard to build repeat customers. Selling from your own online store helps you to develop a more personal relationship with the customer because of the additional ways that your customer has to reach, connect, and learn about your website and your items.

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