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Who we are?

Tech4Planet Solutions Private Limited is an Indian IT, Digital Marketing & Election Campaign Management company. We provide end-to-end IT solutions ranging from software application development to IT consulting. We also specialize in Digital Marketing Services and we have team of India’s best Election Campaign managers.

It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.

– Steve Jobs

Vision, Mission & Values

An ethical company for a sustainable planet

Our Vision is to make planet a better place for its residents by leveraging the technology in facets to improve all aspects of life & make it more sustainable. We intend to be considered as one of the most ethical company of the world.

Achieving goals by following our core values

Provide cost-effective sustainable technological solutions To advance the society by providing the right technological solutions that can help in making this planet a better place to live. Being responsible, transparent, ethical and people centric are the key elements of our mission.



We deliver everytime we take responsibility of any project. When we take any project, we own the project after that.



Integrity is at our core. We are always transparent and fair with our clients, vendors and employees.



We believe in long term sustainable solutions for our clients, not just short term solutions.



Our clients know us for our excellence achived by our skills and driven by our values.

Our Story

The beginning

Four successful professionals from different fields came together in a public movement to make India a better place. Along the journey they started Tech4Planet (T4P) to make the planet a better place for everyone by leveraging their experience and expertise in fusion with latest technologies. We focus on bringing creative ideas for life in form of our products and providing all sorts of services to solve most pressing problems.

People Centric Approach

The centre of the T4P always remain the people and the planet, therefore we take great care of our clients and employees. Known for its high ethical values, T4P is committed towards its clients and responsible towards society.

The Future

We want to become the leading IT Solution Provider.

Our Fantastic Clients

We can help you in any project