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Our guarantee: 100% compliance with WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and other accessibility standards

If you are looking to meet the accessibility requirements of your organization’s documents & websites. Choose Tech4Planet as your accessibility partner, and benefit from one of the world leaders in on-demand accessibility remediation service. Tech4planet helps global organizations in making their websites & electronic documents accessible and usable for individuals with visual or cognitive impairments.

We provide fast, accurate, and affordable ‘Remediation Services’ across the world.

What makes T4P’s Accessibility Services unique?

Choose Tech4Planet for all your regionalization and compliance requirements

Accessibility, as described here, refers to the design of a product to be able and useful for persons with disabilities. The concept of accessible design and practice of adapted development guarantees both direct access (e.g. unaided) and indirect access, which means compatibility with a user’s assistive device (e.g., a laptop screen reader). Accessibility is defined as the ability of the individual to access a system.

Tech4planet experts tag, check and validate documents for Section 508, WGAG 2.1, and other compliances based on the requirements. Our service fulfills the guidelines of all the compliances. Along with the remediated files, we also provide detailed compliance reports.

Clients from across the world partner with us for Document Accessibility Remediation services for Accessible PDFs and Accessible PDF Forms as well as Accessible Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint. We ensure that documents are compliant as per Section 508, 504, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other legislations of the respective country. We conform to accessibility standards & guidelines including PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 guidelines.

We are very aware that the PDF remediation work we do is ultimately used by real people, Tech4planet PDF Accessibility Services go beyond basic compliance requirements to deliver truly usable and excellently accessible PDF content. We have given PDF Remediation services to various clients across the world and have remediated all kinds of documents like Handbook, Directory, Brochure, flyer, Textbook, Fillable Forms, etc from across various domains.


We have catered to our clients for accessibility services in the USA, Sweden & other parts of the world. For outsourcing any accessibility testing/PDF remediation work contact us at:

[email protected]


Call us at +91-9971488250

Cost of Remediation

Per PDF Page: $ 5

Per Word Page: $ 2.5

Per PPT Page: $ 2.5

Per PDF Form Page: $ 10

Note: The rates given above are for standard documents. The actual prices may vary depending upon the complexity of the documents.

India is the hottest destination for outsourcing projects for US, Europe and Australia, If you are looking for a partner in India then you are at the right place. We at Tech4Planet take all kinds of accessibility projects and deliver quality output at affordable rates.

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