Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that includes all sorts of marketing practices that a brand conducts to promote its services or goods digitally, both online and offline. It is about the implementation of a variety of customized digital media marketing channels to grow your products or services sales and profits, create your brand awareness and build a strong relationship with your target audience and promote your products or services or brand.

Email marketing paid social media marketing, video hosting tools, social media networks, website analytics, content development tools, SEO tools, customer support tools, affiliate marketing, show retargeting, organic social media marketing and content curation are some of the strategy-based digital marketing tools.

On the other hand, social media marketing is just one aspect of digital marketing. In order to advertise the goods, services, or brand, it includes the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Goggle+, etc. It usually includes engaging with your target audience, fans, looking for industry influencers, sharing new and exclusive content, hosting competitions, and embracing a number of other ways to catch the attention of the audience on various social media platforms.

As compared to other types of digital media marketing, most companies and brands experience a faster response rate from social media marketing campaigns. Marketing on social media can be seen as a relatively simple and low-cost way to advertise the company online. But to accomplish the set marketing targets, it is important to go beyond likes & followers on social media and use digital mediums to drive sales and profit.

Social media is like a rented space that doesn’t truly belong to you. So, to maximize the fullest benefits and achieve maximum ROI, it is, therefore, necessary for businesses and brands to include other digital marketing components in their digital marketing strategy.

There are several digital marketing tools and strategies which you should consider to achieve the desired marketing results. Some of them are listed below:


Google Ads

Apart from Social Media, Google Ads is the most powerful tool in the Digital arena. If you are an expert on Google Ads then you can run various kinds of Ads like Search Engine Ads (PPC), Ads on third-party websites, youtube video ads, remarketing, and much more. The key here is knowledge & understanding of the tool. Since Google keeps adding and modifying its Ads features, you need to be well versed and updated with its features.

Our experts at Tech4Planet have helped many clients achieve wonders through Google Ads.

Online PR

Digital PR can do wonders for any company/brand. The most common tools of Digital PR are influencers, bloggers, and press releases. If you can reach out to the right influencer in your product/service category then they can turn their audience into your customer. But you need to be careful in selecting the influencers or bloggers, their profile and content must match with your requirement.

Every company has its own unique story to tell. A good PR agency will send your story as a press release to bloggers and relevant media houses. If they find your story compelling, they will share it with the world. We have a database of all the leading media houses, influencers, and bloggers of all major categories and help our clients get the best out of the Digital PR exercise.

communication pr public relations Digital Marketing Beyond Social Media - Digital Marketing is not Just Posting on Social Media Sites
email marketing tech4planet Digital Marketing Beyond Social Media - Digital Marketing is not Just Posting on Social Media Sites

Email Marketing

With time people are neglecting the power of E-Mail & SMS marketing but these digital mediums can still produce wonders. Think about it, how many times you check your phone or email in a day? These are effective marketing mediums and are relatively cheap. Much cheaper than printing a visiting card and delivering it to thousands of people.

We can help set up your own email servers and SMS panel through which you can send emails directly.


If your digital marketing efforts are not linked with the right analytical tools then you are just wasting your time and money. Analytics is the most important part of digital marketing as through analytics only you will get to know which part of your ads are serving better and which are serving worst. It guides us to improve our overall marketing strategy and results.

googl ads vs seo Digital Marketing Beyond Social Media - Digital Marketing is not Just Posting on Social Media Sites


SEO is one of the most common and popular terms related to digital marketing yet it is one of the most tricky tasks for any digital marketing agency as it requires high skills and expertise. While you can instantly reach your audience through google Ads but in the long run, it is the SEO score of your website which will fetch you sustained customers or clients. When you search anything on google why do some websites appear 1st page of the results and some on 2nd, 3rd or later pages? It all depends on their SEO scores.

SEO is the most important aspect if you have a website through which customers can reach you and get information about you. But for SEO the thing which needs the most is patience, as its result are not visible immediately and this time-consuming nature is also a loophole for frauds as they will take your SEO project, promise to deliver results in 3 months and after 3 months you get nothing. Therefore it is very important to choose the right agency for SEO.

Due to a lack of knowledge and competence many digital marketing companies and freelancers have reduces the meaning of digital marketing to merely social media marketing but the scope of digital marketing is much vast. Only a genuine agency can help you harness the true potential of digital marketing.

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